CRM Platform for Advocacy Services

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Zest Internet have designed and developed a powerful yet simple to use CRM Platform for an Advocacy Service in Shropshire.


  • The ability to register a client and their personal requirements and concerns
  • Facilities to add/update client progress, logging changes of circumstances and conditions
  • The ability to attach or log any additional information relating to the clients progress
  • Tracking and reporting by any strand of information submitted during a specified date range

The Solution

  • A fast and secure environment that is available in the office, at home or on the move giving Advocates access to client information during visits and meetings
  • Easily add a Client, their next of kin and any additional information needed such as any Potential risks, Historic issues and Section details
  • The ability to add multiple cases per client if required 
  • Cases can have as many progression steps as required and each progression step can have additional information attached as either a note or uploaded document
  • Advocates can log time spent on each progression step in each case
  • Cases can be closed and the outcome logged. The case can be reopened at any time
  • A full featured reporting facility allowing Advocates access to statistics for a given date range and criteria*
  • Contacts facility allowing useful contacts to be added to the system, a contact can be ‘attached’ to a Case if required – useful for Logging Medical/Support Staff etc
  • Criteria:  Advocates and Administrators can create/maintain criteria on the system such as Commissioning Bodies, Ethnic Groups etc for other Advocates to interact with and for reporting
  • Advocates can select/interact with any case on the system providing cover for other Advocates 
  • Potential risks and/or Historic issues are highlighted against the Client so as to alert the Advocates that extra care may be required
  • Security: Administrators can add/suspend or remove logins 
  • Role Management: Roles can be created and assigned to both a user and a feature allowing logins to have specific access to features e.g. just reporting

CRM Platform for an Advocacy Service in Shropshire


  • C# ( .NET framework 4.7.1)
  • MVC 5 and Razor with JQuery (JavaScript), Html 5 and CSS3
  • N-Layered (Business Layer, Data Layer ( and Object Layer)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016

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