SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your site to rank on search results can be very challenging, the internet never stops changing and Google are continuously changing the way they index pages and sites.
We at Zest Internet Limited can help you with your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But, before we start any SEO on a site we do two things...
  1. We perform a site health check, a poor performing site can seriously effect any page or site ranking.
  2. We Familiarize ourselves with your market place to gain a better understanding of your competition and to set realistic goals.

Once the site has been performance tuned and has a clean bill of health, we then make a start on the SEO.

There are a number of simultaneous approaches we take. This ranges to choosing the right page titles, keywords, descriptions and page tags. Some people will tell you that some of this is not necessary now. Our experience is that you should use every single tactic possible to give you a competitive edge - however slender. Hold the concept of the aggregation of marginal gains - in that every small improvement adds up to influence overall performance.
Each of your product/or service groups, can also benefit hugely from having their own page. However, it is vital to have a page title that Google or other search engines can instantly recognise, so like these...
Amazingly, many people still build websites that have this type of thing...
Both of these second urls or permalinks have very little SEO value whatsoever - especially if you are looking to sell to niche markets that might be outside of your immediate locality, such as tandems.
It's then vital to engage with your audience in a way which increase the level of back links and references that Google and other search engines will index you for.
This can be done by blogging stories on the latest products you are stocking, new technologies, and news from the sector you exist within. 
Or it can be on the services you offer. Each of these stories need to have KEYWORDS added to them, as well key word density in the article itself. Backlinks can be created to areas within your site. Internal backlinks can be very valuable.
Then it is also important to use sites which aggregate specialists in your field. This could be a National Federation or it could be a commercial site which sells advertising but offers free listings with backlinks to your site.
You can also ask us to write stories for you which we then feature on high ranking blogging or article sites. Authority is everything in SEO so a backlink from a site which has much credibility, will in turn help to give your site credibility with Google and other search engines.
Twitter is popular to engage with users, and although it can drive traffic and views to your site, Google does not index the links, nor does it for Facebook which again can be invaluable to drive traffic. Yet there are things Google DOES like about them, and we can share this with you.
For pure SEO purposes Google Plus and LinkedIn have more strategic value, though not necessarily instant sales creation value, because their backlinks are indexed.
There is also some value with doing mutual links with sites in your sector. What is the inside track on inbound links from high ranking sites? Let us explain, as we can too about mutual links. We also examine the activity of your competitors and see what we can learn from this, when we do an analysis of your market. We have some extra insights in this area, with one team member an experienced Strategic Marketing Consultant.
Videos embedded on your site from YouTube can also be invaluable, because you can create backlinks from this. Google own YouTube, as well as GooglePlus, so a strong presence is to be advised.
There are also some things you don't want to do. Google and other search engines can mark you down if you try to use these short cuts. Backlink farms, using unoriginal content in articles, keyword stuffing, etc, are all frowned upon, as is too much focus on advertising or a slow loading site. 
So to conclude, whatever scale of your business, whatever market it exists in, and whatever you want to achieve, is absolutely dependent on the quality of your SEO or SEM activity for its sales generation success.

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